Company Profile

Nestled in the pristine mountains of Lebanon, Verdun Fine Chocolate has since the early 1970’s built up a success based on quality. Verdun chocolates are handmade to the highest standards, comparable in flavour and texture to the very best produced worldwide, are the result of over 40 years experience by Mahmoud  Hamoush, the company’s founder.

Mr. Hamoush and his sons have taken the business of chocolate to a level of perfection. Dedication to quality coupled with the Hamoush family standards has resulted in the distinctive and consistent taste of Verdun which provide an unforgettable chocolate experience you won’t find easily.

This tightly run family establishment firmly believes chocolate should not only have exquisite flavor and texture but should also be beautifully presented. Verdun chocolates are individually hand-wrapped in gorgeous colorful foils. This approach has created a unique niche in the market for the company.

Verdun Fine Chocolate & Gifts successfully opened its first store in the United States in Portland, Oregon on April 1st of 2003.